Our story

Meet Thomas and Bart

...a duo on a mission to reshape the world's pace and perspective.

On the left is Thomas, a man who once navigated the turbulent waters of the commercial world but, in 2021, embarked on a transformative journey as a personal supervisor in healthcare. Little did he know that this transition would birth a remarkable vision - an adventure that would ultimately come to be known as F I S wear. With a heart committed to the well-being of those he serves daily, Thomas now stands at the forefront of production and the invaluable connections forged with customers.

Beside him, on the right, is Bart, another former commercial maverick, who has metamorphosed into a master image-maker by profession. His artistic eye is forever seeking the elusive essence of inspiring stories, stories that can be encapsulated in visuals that transcend time and space. He constantly explores innovative ways to bring F I S wear to life.

Their story unfolds where it all began, one day when Thomas donned an H&M sweater, questions plagued his mind. "How are these sweaters made, and why do they always let me down after a single wash?" Memories of his childhood home's sewing machines flooded his thoughts, and an idea was born. He reached out to his mother, eager for answers, asking, "Mom, can you teach me how to sew sweaters?"

Thus commenced the journey. Together with his mother, Annemarie, Thomas began crafting sweaters, but it was not a mere hobby; it was a mission, a purpose. He was determined to extend the opportunity to those on the fringe of the labor market, the very individuals he interacted with every day. He pondered, "If today's world moves too fast for me, how must it feel for them?" In the unhurried process of creation, he found charm and meaning.

From the very first photoshoot, Bart was there, initially hired as a photographer. Yet, the story of F I S wear resonated with him so deeply that he and Thomas joined forces, united in their quest for something more significant.

F I S wear is not just a brand; it's a mission, a movement. It's a mission to provide meaningful employment opportunities to young individuals who are often sidelined by society. But above all, it's about experiencing unforgettable adventures, crafted with care and shared with love. It's about the satisfaction of crafting, making, and weaving stories that stand the test of time. In the face of a world racing ahead, Thomas and Bart remind us of the beauty in slowing down, in taking the time to create, and in sharing the joys of the journey.