Vraag #1: “Ma, kan jij mij leren hoe ik truien moet naaien?”

Question #1: “Mom, can you teach me how to sew sweaters?”

Question #1: “Mom, can you teach me how to sew sweaters?”

I, Thomas Fiselier, discovered that the world we live in is moving too fast for me and it turned out to be urgently necessary to consciously slow down sometimes. I moved from the Randstad back to Twente, did a three-year study to become a 'personal supervisor' and studied the growth of the courgettes in my mother's vegetable garden every day and started to wonder more and more how things are actually made.

The sales job had now been exchanged for a job as a personal counselor for people with mild intellectual disabilities. A job where you take the time for others and people are central.

I took the time for my curiosity and started to find out how to make a table, speakers or a chair. The satisfaction for it was great. The seed for my own company was planted here and I thought how great the satisfaction would be if the young people I work with could also experience this.

One day I put on one of my H&M sweaters and thought: “How are these sweaters actually made, and why do I wear these sweaters that always disappoint me after one wash?” I remembered the sewing machines in the bedroom of my parental home and realized that my mother might be able to answer my question. I immediately called my mother and asked, “Mom, can you teach me how to sew sweaters?”

And so it happened; I started sewing sweaters with my mother Annemarie, but not without a mission or purpose, because I was determined to involve the people I work with every day in the process. “If today's world sometimes moves too fast for me, how will it feel for them?” There is charm in taking the time to make things yourself.

FIS wear is on a mission to offer these people employment, but above all to experience valuable adventures together by sharing the satisfaction of the creation and making process of the sweaters.

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