Team Spring/Summer ‘23 ☀️🌳

Team Spring/Summer '23 ☀️🌳

Team Spring/Summer '23 ☀️🌳

A Day Full of Collaboration and Joy: The Spring/Summer '23 Photoshoot at FIS wear

The sun shone brightly in the sky, a perfect reflection of the warmth and connection that permeated our day. It was a wonderful day, filled with smiling faces, inspiring collaboration and unforgettable moments. The FIS wear team came together for a special photo shoot, in which we not only presented our latest Spring/Summer '23 collection, but also celebrated the power of community and inclusion.

A special mention goes to our talented models, Mark, Nathalie, Gijs, Chantal and Melvin, the residents of the JP van den Bent foundation. Their participation in this photo shoot went beyond showcasing our garments; it was a symbolic bridge built between friends and new acquaintances. In the spirit of collaboration and understanding, we learned from each other and celebrated the unique contributions each individual brought to the project.

The driving force behind this collaboration was not only the beautiful clothing we presented, but also strengthening valuable bonds and emphasizing the importance of inclusion. Our mission is to not only showcase fashion, but also to inspire and promote positive change in society.

The day was made even more special thanks to Annemarie, who provided a delicious barbecue for the whole team. While enjoying good food and each other's company, bonds were forged that extend beyond the boundaries of a professional collaboration. It was a celebration of togetherness and mutual appreciation.

As the icing on the cake, all models were allowed to choose a sweater to take home as a tangible memory of this special day. The gesture reemphasized the equality and mutual appreciation that are at the core of our commitment to inclusion.

The results of our efforts can be admired on our Instagram account, where we share the beautiful moments we captured during this memorable day. The team's enthusiasm and creativity have resulted in images that not only showcase the garments, but also celebrate the power of collaboration and community.

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