Vraag #3: "Wat zijn de belangrijkste dingen om rekening mee te houden op Instagram?"

Question #3: “What are the most important things to consider on Instagram?”

Question #3: “What are the most important things to consider on Instagram?”
Question #3: What are the most important things to consider on Instagram?

After my first LinkedIn post, I received the following message: “Hi Thomas, How wonderful to read your message about what you have set up and are now doing! So nice to read that you have found what makes you happy. So important!"

It was a message from Laila, an old colleague, whom I had not seen or spoken to for more than 4 years. I was of course very curious about what life had brought her in recent years. When I clicked through to her profile like a true detective, I saw “Owner of Japandi.interior”. It turned out that she had just launched her own book 'Japandi Living', had an interview in AD and Tubantia, among others, and has an Instagram account about interior design with no fewer than 500k followers.

You understand that I wanted to meet her right away, because I like to ask questions to successful people and people 'who can do something'. We recently had our first photo shoot with FIS wear and I had 200 photos that I could share on Instagram, but “how does that work and how do you approach that?” I have no idea. Now I share a photo every now and then, sometimes once a week, sometimes two and sometimes none. That must certainly be possible better. I took the plunge again and asked if Laila had time to meet up and exchange ideas. As I get the already strongest espresso of 2023, I ask: “What are the most important things to keep in mind on Instagram?” Laila says that she wanted to start an Instagram account about interior design, simply because she loves it so much. She discovered that no one was paying attention to what she considered to be an underexposed Japanese/Scandinavian interior style. We chat about authenticity, doing what makes you happy and showing vulnerability.

Below you can read Laila's biggest learnings:
  • Authenticity . “Do what suits you. It may sound very logical, but it is more difficult than you think. When you get a bigger platform, it's easy to share what makes the most money. However, you then go off course and share for the money and the likes and not necessarily for what makes your heart beat faster.”
  • Do what makes you happy . “Keep doing what makes you happy and keep sharing it on your social media. When people see that you are happy, it connects. Emotion connects.”
  • Dare . “Dare to try. Even if you've never done it or even if no one has done it. If you have an idea, implement it. And learn from it. Be feedback driven.”
  • Share reality . “Don't make the image on your social media more beautiful than it is. Be honest about this too. Here, being authentic is important again.
  • Showing vulnerability works . “Also show your vulnerable side. Show that not everything works out. That there are uncertainties in the company. This form of emotion also connects people to your brand! Perhaps it is precisely this emotion.”
  • Rhythm and patience . “Be patient and don't try to grow up overnight. That's not going to happen to him. Keep going calmly and keep rhythm and continuity in what you share on Instagram. Make sure your followers know what to expect from you. This is how you build followers who become involved with your page. That involvement with your page ensures that you stand out within the Instagram algorithm. Instagram will then show them more in the feed of non-followers.”

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